Thursday, 10 January 2013

Riding Trams

“We’ll have to get a cab from Radcliffe. Shall we phone from Heaton Park or once we get there? ”
“Unless we go right into Bury. Just to say that we’ve been to the end of every line.”
“Oldham Mumps was a bit of a laugh, warn’t it? I mean mumps. I always thought that was a disease men dreaded getting. Makes your private parts swell up and what not.”
“Yeah. But Media City was something else. Never been there before. All that glass and fancy lighting. Hob-nobbing with the BBC. Salford’s up itself  in’t it?  Wonder what they think in Ordsall?”
“God knows. Then there’s Eccles. Eccles. Eccles. If you keep on saying it, it don’t half sound funny after a bit. Should have got some cakes while we was there. ”
“Well, are you going to open them chips or not? I’m bloody starving.”
The intercom speaker crackled. “Put that food away or you’ll have to get off at the next stop.No food allowed on the Metrolink.”
“Sorry, gov. We forgot.” Bernie turned to Chris. “I guess that settles it then. Get off at Radcliffe and then phone.  Then while we’m waiting we can finish our chips.”
“Or we could walk into town and have another pint then get a cab.”
“That sounds like a plan, my man. And we can eat the chips on the way to the pub. They’re still hot and we’re nearly in Prestwich.”
“Yeah. You’ve got to celebrate when you get you free bus pass, haven’t you? It only happens once in a lifetime.”
“Except we can do it all again when Andy gets his.”             

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